About the Author

authorphoto_1Mary Ellen Trahan, Ph.D. is a philosophical theologian who seeks to understand new possibilities for developing human excellence. Throughout her life she has immersed herself in both classical and contemporary perspectives on the meaning and making of a good human life. She combines expertise in theology, philosophy and psychology with an acute awareness of the importance of making and telling stories of ordinary life.

A therapist/facilitator for twenty-eight years, Dr. Trahan currently owns a practice facilitating transformation called Life Works. Here clients can discover ways to fashion their lives by accessing insights from a range of wisdom traditions— theological, philosophical,psychological, Eastern and Western spirituality, and narrative—rather than submitting to narrow forms of psychological management.

Dr. Trahan was born in Bay City, Michigan. She now lives in an old Georgia forest, nestled in the vast mosaic beauty of a world shaped by trees, flowers,plants, birds, creeks, animals—domestic and wild—insects, snakes, and lizards. Each spring, summer, and fall she enjoys planting, tending, and harvesting a large vegetable garden.