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Break out of the dehumanizing process of being squashed into a diagnostic box — you are more than just a disorder.

Pop psychology has made a market out of seducing us into seeking techniques for recovery or self-mastery. Find out how you can avoid the trap of latching on to a predictable “smooth fix” as well as escape the feeling of floundering in a sea of advice.

Living Well, Living Wise examines our society’s history of categorizing people into symptoms and illnesses such as ADHD, depression, anxiety disorder, and the like. Standard therapies and drug treatment have truly helped many people. It can be tempting to use these tools to minimize the richness and complexity of being human and to short-circuit our search for a good life.

Author and professional therapist Mary Ellen Trahan blends theological, psychological, and philosophical teachings to offer more than a typical “self-help” book. Living Well, Living Wise will help you begin the transformation into a flourishing, mature, joyous human being with a balanced concern for yourself, others, and the world.